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XXL Pitbull Breedings

All of our XXL pitbull breedings are specifically planned to ensure we produce the most exceptional puppies every litter. We never breed two dogs just to have a litter – all of our breedings are with the intent to better the breed and our breeding program.

Gin & Juice Pits Productions

We have been considered one of the best XXL pitbull breeders for the past decade and have produced some of the nicest XXL pitbulls in the world. We strive to better the XXL pitbull / XXL bully breed with each generation.

About Gin & Juice Pits

Gin & Juice Pits is one of the top XXL pitbull breeders in the world. Our mission has never changed over the last 10 years. We want to produce beautiful, healthy puppies that make the perfect addition to any family and to show the world the true nature of our incredibly misunderstood breed.

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